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Prometheus For Rails

Scalable Stream-oriented, pull-based Monitoring
Who Am I?

Cloud Native Computing Foundation
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Why Bother? (Incident Response)

"Monitoring is a must have for responding to incidents, detecting and debugging systemic problems, planning for the future, and generally understanding your infrastructure."

Why Bother? (Capacity Planning)

"Modelling ahead of time is essential, and techniques such as load testing, capacity planning and regression analysis allow an SRE team to understand how the system should behave given specific conditions." "It’s not enough to watch load and activity on a particular machine when the work assigned to that machine may change with the requirements of the cluster and application as a whole. If your architecture is designed to allow for processes to fail, you can’t tell if a failure is critical by monitoring individual processes."

Advantages over existing




Alert configuration


Recording Rules

Remote Write API

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